Commercial facilities

Proper maintenance of commercial facilities requires keeping an eye on the level of convenience, safety and energy utilization rates. Energy spending costs can form the amount of an impressive expense, which needs to be controlled and lessened. The facility management can benefit from IoT technology in many ways.

IoT devices can take control over the HVAC system, which results in rational spending on heating or cooling of the commercial properties. IoT solution provides the ability to cool or heat only the occupied parts of a building and make HVAC system switch to the most reasonable energy levels when the building empties out. Simultaneously, IoT technology takes over lighting and safety control. Apart from this, IoT devices can make outdoor lights switch on when it gets dark. Also, the digital sensors examine conditions of smoke or fire alarms and send notifications when they get off. Besides, IoT practices come in handy for tracking the parking space availability or “real-time” occupancy of conference rooms. Moreover, it can be detected how many people have entered and left the building.

All in all, IoT technology engagement helps commercial facilities reach a higher level of operating efficiency, keeping control of data, security and convenience as well as rationalizing energy spending.