Smart DC Charging Solutions

Modular Design

Our DC Chargers are modular and scalable for various types of electric, commercial and heavy commercial vehicles. It is also suitable for electric marine charging operations. Thanks to its modular structure, we offer power levels from 40 kW to 480 kW. When your vehicle fleet/battery sizes grows and you need more charging power, our modular design can be expanded by adding an extra power module or new cabinet. The charging power can be distributed in a static or dynamic manner to multiple satellite posts or pantograph.

Easy Maintenance

Each rack-style cabinet can have up to 4 power modules and one control module, which are fast and easy to service thanks to the multi-quick-connectors and sliding module trays.

The All Seeing EWye

Our connected services provide you with a set of tools for remote monitoring and diagnostics that can cover everything from a single charging station to a network of chargers.