Nowadays, the flourishing technology of Internet of Things (IoT) is affecting vast areas. It makes the objects around us viable, faster and smarter.  The educational industry hasn’t left behind the current digital transformation and has already gained from leveraging IoT solutions in many ways. The embedding of IoT technologies in the educational system is a robust way of sharing information, tracking the efficiency and safety of the educational process, enhancing communication networks and interactive learning.

IoT solutions come in handy for different age groups – from kindergarten attendants to the high-school students. IoT solutions for e-learning help expand resultful educational methods. For instance, interactive displays with multi-touch and natural writing technologies provide better interaction with educational materials. Smart scanners with multilingual translate options allow the users to listen to the text while scanned material is being displayed on the range of devices. Besides, IoT engagement in the form of educational apps is the involvement of digital tools to create featured videos and play educational games – it brings more excitement and visuality to the educational process. Together with sustaining effective learning process, the educational industry has to assure the highest level of security in the educational establishments. IoT devices can provide round-the-clock students’ monitoring by intelligent cameras, facial recognition systems and students ID cards verification in educational establishments and campuses. Also, smart school buses with GPS-equipment can help monitor students’ location. Apart from this, IoT applications provide classroom attendance tracking.

So, implementation of IoT gives a boost to the educational industry raising a tech-literate generation with growing educational opportunities.