Government stands on guard of enhancement the living standards of an individual citizen and large populations. Engagement of the Internet of Things (IoT) results in intelligent solutions for public sector transformation.

 IoT technology stands for the system of interrelated physical objects, which provides various data aggregation and transmission within the network. Smart IoT analytics is beneficial for sustaining security guidelines by implementing a system of sensors and scanning equipment to detect public safety. IoT practices help government authorities conduct continuous, real-time monitoring, outfitting risk-locations by intelligent monitoring devices. At the same time, the IoT tools with developed learning algorithms can collect audio and video files and send on-time notifications if the potentially harmful situations have been detected. Furthermore, IoT technologies help out with breakdowns detection and checking damages of power grids and engines, railway and water supply lines, supporting efficient maintenance of infrastructural facilities. Moreover, IoT has a broad impact on disaster management. IoT devices help the government protect the public from unforeseen natural disasters by detecting fire accidents or flooding by implemented sensors. Also, IoT helps prevent human-made disasters by supporting emergency teams with continuous monitoring capability.

All in all, the Internet of Things has an undoubtedly significant impact on governmental services, strengthening infrastructure and sustaining a proper level of safety and livability.