Manufacturing denotes the process of converting raw materials into finished goods. Efficient manufacturing strategy involves supply chain transactions, logistic and transportation means. Current economic conditions make the manufacturing industry face the raised demand for customization and explore new ways of supply chain optimization. Among the best solutions to the above-mentioned issues is involvement of the best digital transformation practices into the production process. This can be achieved by embedding of the IoT technology to the activities of a manufacturing enterprise. IoT devices interact with cloud computing, providing core production data aggregation and delivering solutions to raise the productiveness of the manufacturing operations.

IoT solutions for operational cost reduction help the companies reach a more affordable level of energy utilization, reduce equipment downtime and gain more productive supply chain operations. Apart from this, IoT technology enhances the safety of workstations by monitoring the level of harmful substances leakages, which may negatively affect workers’ health. Besides, with the help of equipment utilization metrics manufacturing company can follow each step of the production process, detecting and preventing possible equipment damage. After all, leveraging IoT practices can provide solutions for inventory management and asset tracking.

Taking these facts into consideration, we can conclude that IoT is a reliable technology to help the company maximize its productivity level, take resultful control on manufacturing processes and deliver winning products to the market.