Advanced Level 2 Charger

Circuit breakers have been mechanical switches for 140 years. Now launching EV Chargers built with the first UL safety-certified digital circuit breaker panel combined with smart software and connectivity that could help monitor and control the charging sequences, demand response, and energy use remotely.
Using solid-state technology, EV charging has been redefined. This all-in-one, advanced EVSE solution provides a safer, smarter, and more sustainable approach to EV charging. From multi-family to the captive fleet, everyone can take advantage of this flexible and highly capable product.

Key Features:

  • On-Premises Energy Management: Allows for reduced electrical infrastructure costs without expensive monthly network and cloud service fees
  • Infrastructure-Based Scalable EV Charging Solution: Clear path toward the end state
  • Open Architecture: Use our out-of-the-box software or integrate with any service provider or building management system of your choice
  • Safety: Stay safe with an EVSE that eliminates arc flash hazards at the pedestal or wall box
  • Asset Management and Insurance Cost Mitigation: Mitigate insurance costs, incident repair and replacement costs with the asset portion of the EVSE in the electrical panel (not at the parking space)